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A Handy Guide for those applying for ABN

No Matter are you a Contractor, Sole Trader or Business entity, when it comes to opening business or trading in Australia, one should always check for the conditions set by the Authority. These conditions specify the terms of starting a business in another country as an immigrant. Today, we are representing a handy guide for those applying for ABN. To begin with, ABN stands for Australian Business Number. This term is one of the conditions set by Australian government for those who are looking to apply for ABN.  

Hence, if you are thinking to kick-start a business in Australia,  you must apply for ABN in the first place. However,  here are some significant steps to apply for ABN correctly. This small guide will help you to overcome and avoid several barriers that may come in your way as a first time ABN applicant. 

One may ask what is ABN Australia? To begin with, by definition, ABN is an 11-digit code allotted by Australian Governmental Authorities to your business in order to recognize your business in an official manner. 

Requirements for documentation

When you submit an ABN application, there are several important documents that you should keep with you either for details or soft copy attachment. 

Check out the following list of documents you will need when applying for ABN:

  • Business commencement Details
  • Entity Legal Name
  • Authorised contacts in Australia 
  • Associate Details
  • Business or workplace address
  • Business activity details (Nature of business)

How to apply for ABN?

More often than not, several newbie entrepreneurs in Australia question when and where can they apply for ABN? In answer to this, we recommend you to note that you can apply for an ABN anywhere in the world. But, you must have all the previously mentioned details and information for quick results. 

Check out the following steps to apply for Australian Business Number, ABN:

  • Go to
  • Read all the terms and conditions carefully. 
  • Fill in all the details required.
  • Click on the Apply Button.
  • You will receive ABN – 11 digit code immediately if the authorities find your statement true and unquestionable.
  • You can also re-apply for ABN if your first time process went unsuccessful. 

Disclaimer: If you as a tax professional or businessman makes any false statement in ABN Application, it can lead to legal consequences and financial loss. 

Keeping in mind the disclaimer above,  it is recommendable to hire ABN professional service providers to avoid any kind of potential risk. So ABN master has established with the team of professional Tax agents those who can look after the entire registration process once you submitted our  simplified online forms.

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